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It's one of the toughest economies in world history. With one spectacularly bright growth sector - the Internet! This year has seen an average increase in e-commerce revenue of more than 10 percent while traditional retailers are experiencing less than 1 percent over last year. Has your Web site grown at this level? Or, are you missing Internet revenue growth completely without a Web presence?

Infusion e-business is your complete e-commerce partner that will help you grow and maintain your business on the Internet. We provide comprehensive, professional Search Engine Marketing services at affordable, performance-based prices to help you improve your Internet Return-On-Investment and maximize your Return-On-Ad-Spend. Infusion e-business was formed to infuse your e-business with maximized e-commerce capabilities while maintaining the integrity and vision of your brand to make your business grow.

Pay Per Click Managment

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

You pay per click, so we work to make each click pay by maximizing your PPC spend! We not only monitor and manage your keywords. We survey market trends; watch your inventory levels; and track your ROAS to constantly revise your customized PPC strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Things that go together: up&down, bread&butter, ying&yang, SEO&PPC. Yes, SEO and PPC! Search engine optimization works click-in-click with PPC to drive traffic to your site; build your brand; and sustain your market share growth. We constantly work at optimizing your site page-by-page to get you the rankings you need.

Product Recomendations

Product Recommendations

Shopping on the Internet is convenient, but can be highly impersonal. It's just you and the glow of your computer screen. We help improve your conversion rates by creating powerful, personalized online shopping experiences for your customers with product recommendations.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

'A' is for apple, 'E' is for email marketing. You can't be successful at e-commerce if you don't have an effective email marketing strategy. We develop and manage a strategic email marketing program individualized to the unique requirements of your e-commerce activities.

Shopping Feed Managment

Shopping Feed Management

In today's intensely aggressive Internet marketplace it's not enough to have a great PPC and SEO strategies to drive traffic to your site. You also need to effectively use the shopping comparison engines too! Our proprietary ie-comparifeeds tool enables us to manage the applicable comparison engines and shopping feeds for site.

Web development and ecommerce solutions

Web Development & e-Commerce Solutions

Whether your business is new to the Web or you've been an eTailer since it all started, we analyze how e-commerce can best work for your business to increase revenues, establish and maintain brand exposure and presence, and provide as many or as few Web development and e-commerce services as you need.

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