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Today's successful businesses rely on their Web sites for exposure, sales and marketing, and are powered by a strong combination of PPC (pay per click) and organic (non-fee based search listings) search management (SEO) supported by a comprehensive e-commerce strategy.

Unlike other Internet marketing companies that provide management service in only one particular area, ie-business provides a specialized bundle of all of the necessary services customized for each client to create a successful and complete e-commerce solution.

We infuse your Web site with increased traffic and sales through: ongoing search engine marketing consultation; keyword research; e-copy (copy writing that not only describes your company and products, but is optimized and infused with keywords to maximize search crawlers); analytics; link campaigns; shopping feed management; on-site search; product recommendations; customer assistance; product reviews; email marketing; multi-channel marketing; and Web site development.

What really makes infusion e-business stand out from the SEM crowd is our requirement that we really know and understand your business from the inside out before we develop our exclusive infusion e-plan for your business. We don't just pull software or formulas off the shelf to maximize your e-business, we develop a plan specifically designed to your unique business and Web site.

Our technical staff includes some of the most sought-after Web site development, SEO and PPC management individuals in the industry. Our strategic and management service staff members have more than 30 years combined marketing expertise and have worked with some of the world's largest and most successful brands.
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