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In order to ensure our e-commerce sites are infused with optimum technological services, we have strategically partnered with several industry leaders to provide premium analytics, up-sale generating product recommendations, customized/automated email marketing, and superior site search at significantly reduced costs. We are a value-added re-seller for each company in the Infusion Alliance Network providing our clients with substantial savings.

In addition to providing invaluable information for SEO and PPC campaigns, ie-business uses the data from these tools in combination to develop highly-focused, individual customer-targeted marketing strategies for acquiring new business and retaining long-term customer relationships.

that is powerful Web site analytics


Omniture is the foremost powerful Web analytics tool available and an origianl infusion alliance network member. It is the leading tool to manage online business optimization strategies by using actual customer insight to drive innovation and increase loyalty in the digital world.

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Exact Target
that is email marketing strategies

Exact Target

Rather than develop our own email services, we have strategically partnered with Exact Target to send OPT-IN emails for CRM efforts for your Web site. Automated email campaigns are developed in response to specific actions such as: follow up to cart abandonment; new product announcements to select customer segments, newsletters.

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SLI Systems
that is enhanced site search results

SLI Systems

To improve your customers' on-site search experiences, we also provide the SLI Systems intelligent search technology for our clients' sites. This advanced search technology uses visitor behavior to continuously improve user search results by learning from user searches to provide more relevant site search results.

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Rich Relelvance
that is a customized shopping experience

Rich Relevance

We have strategically partnered with richrelevance to personalize your customer's shopping experience from the moment they land on your site with product recommendations. This self-learning, self-optimizing technology platform leverages real-time individual and crowd-based behavior to automatically display “up-to-the-minute” recommendations relevant to real-time intent and related micro-trends. Its newest technology ‘rich reach' triggers banner ads with product recommendations on the user's browser after they leave your site. This strategy helps convert previous product interest into sales.

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Im Shoping
that is human assisted shopping

IM Shopping

To enhance your customers' shopping experience, we have strategically partnered with IMshopping. IMshopping's Merchant Program enables any e-tailer to offer human assistance to visitors on their site and recommend their own products. The results are impressive: customers who get answers with product recommendations attached purchase three-to-five times more often than the average customer - 15% conversation rate vs. 3-4% industry average.

Customer Service Information

that is content delivery


A more personalized the user experience on your Web site results in increased visits, pages viewed and ultimately more conversions. To accomplish this, your site needs rich interactive content generated dynamically and quickly. Sadly, the increased amount of richer content and images can significantly slow page downloads resulting in increased site abandonment rates.

Content Delivery Information

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