Analytics servicesAt infusion e-business, we manage each account in accordance with our strategic corporate initiative to attain the best possible outcomes for our clients: Develop — Implement — Track — Refine — Results. This initiative demands that the Web sites we infuse for our clients are supported with extensive tracking and analytical tools to compile and analyze all facets of the e-commerce business.

Omniture is the foremost powerful Web analytics tool available and an original infusion alliance network member.  It is the leading tool to manage online business optimization strategies by using actual customer insight to drive innovation and increase loyalty in the digital world.

With Omniture, we are able to:

  • Quickly identify the most profitable paths through your Web site.
  • Determine where visitors are navigating away from your site.
  • Identify critical success metrics for online marketing strategies.
  • Quantify ROI and ROAS.

The benefits and features of Omniture analytics include:

  • Search Center — Site Catalyst & Site Search tools.
  • Consolidated Management Interface — manage ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend) and CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) from a single interface.
  • Reporting and Analytics — prebuilt and user-defined metrics and reports for decision making.
  • Supports Automated Bid Engine — rules-based bid management.
  • Content Network Optimization  — campaigns for Google, Yahoo and MSN from a single interface.
  • Data is compiled, tracking everything that has taken place on your e-commerce site.  
  • Reports can be created daily, weekly, monthly with statistical data about keywords, conversion rates, ROAS, etc. which can all be used in helping to determine best practices and business decisions.
  • Increased ROI. 
  • Provides essential Web site data to make business decisions more effectively.

Your site is more robust utilizing the latest technology brought to you by some of the experts in e-commerce analytics.

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