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Content Delivery ServicesA more personalized the user experience on your Web site results in increased visits, pages viewed and ultimately more conversions. To accomplish this, your site needs rich interactive content generated dynamically and quickly. Sadly, the increased amount of richer content and images can significantly slow page downloads resulting in increased site abandonment rates.

To provide a solution to this problem for our clients, ie-business has strategically partnered with Akamai, the industry-leader in content delivery in the digital operating environment. Akamai provides content from online providers to users fast and flawlessly. It has created the premier digital operating environment for the Web. The platform is comprised of thousands of specially-equipped servers to help the Internet withstand the crush of daily requests for rich, dynamic, and interactive content, transactions, and applications. When delivering on these requests, it detects and avoids Internet problem spots and vulnerabilities, to ensure Web sites perform optimally, media and software download flawlessly, and applications perform reliably.

Your site performance is up to five times faster than your original Web infrastructure while seamlessly handling the specific requirements of dynamically-generated content—without a costly hardware build-out:

  • Delivers faster Web site performance for highly interactive content.
  • Scales capacity on demand, globally, to meet peak seasonal and promotional traffic.
  • Increases conversion rates and reduces abandonment through improved user experience.
  • Delivers SSL-protected content and mitigates Internet security risks.
  • Increases availability through uninterrupted service capabilities.  
  • Lowers your infrastructure cost and burden.

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