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Customer Assistance ServicesIt's not enough to just drive traffic to your e-commerce Web site. You need shoppers, not just site visitors, and your site needs to be able to convert those shoppers into customers. Offering great products and services online is not enough to drive shoppers to purchase and return to your site time-and-time again. You need to attain their confidence and interest to motivate their purchase. Providing online customer assistance is a proven tool for accomplishing this.

Many customers abandon a site because they are not able to get answers to their shopping questions or enough information about the product. Providing online customer assistance enables you to recommend products and answer shopper questions that not only can close the sale, but also establishes your brand and site as “shopping experts” that your customers trust and will recommend.

To enhance your customers' shopping experience, we have strategically partnered with IMshopping.  IMshopping's Merchant Program enables any e-tailer to offer human assistance to visitors on their site and recommend their own products. The results are impressive: customers who get answers with product recommendations attached purchase three-to-five times more often than the average customer - 15% conversation rate vs. 3-4% industry average.

IMshopping is the first human-assisted shopping site! This customer assistance service is the digital equivalent of talking to a knowledgeable salesperson at a store. The goal is to answer the one essential question of every shopper: Which product is right for me? IMshopping makes it easy to find products with the help of real people who know their products to increase order conversion by providing personal shopping assistance; recruit members of your community to become your virtual sales force; and generate additional traffic to your site. The process for adding customer assistance to your site is simple.

  • We take your catalog feed which is used in setting up a micro-site for answering incoming questions.
  • Guides (Human Assistance) are assigned and given IDs to be able to access the micro-site where the questions will be reviewed.  Guides can be either your company employees or individuals paid to answer specific questions.  
  • Question-and-Answer data is kept and can be used for other purposes such as newsletters, FAQs and blogging.    
  • Human interaction suggestions. Customers are more likely to make a purchase,3-5 times more often, based upon someone's suggestion then the average customer.   
  • You learn what is important to your customers.  Information gathered can be used for marketing efforts, product development and offerings and customer service improvement.
  • Your customer service and individuals answering questions become more effective in their jobs and are more knowledgeable about your company's products and customer trends.  
  • Costs are minimal and the benefits are optimal.  
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