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On Site Search ServicesEvery e-commerce site always worries about its SEO efforts and results with Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. But many e-commerce companies fail to realize the impact that poor on-site search capabilities can have on their Internet revenues. You only have a few clicks before frustrated shoppers abandon your site and surf the net for the competition. Once a shopper has decided to use your on-site search tool to easily locate a specific product or service, you now only have one, maybe two clicks to bring them the product for which they are searching.

To improve each customer's on-site search experiences, we provide the SLI Systems intelligent search technology for our clients' sites. This advanced search technology uses visitor behavior to continuously improve user-search results by learning from previous user searches to provide more relevant site search results.

SLI Systems has developed learning-based search and navigation technology that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience. The search technology is hosted on your site with user-generated SEO solutions that empower you to enhance customer satisfaction and help site visitors find the products and information they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most search technologies use complex algorithms to determine which results should be returned for a query.  SLI's patented Learning Search technology takes relevance a step further by learning from visitors' behavior over time to deliver more relevant results, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and more sales, while reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information that can positively impact other marketing activities.

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