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PPC Impacts CPC and Determines Your ROI and ROAS!

ROI and ROASIt's the alphabet soup of the Internet, and ultimately impacts your bottom line. Effective Pay-Per-Click management can substantially reduce your Cost-Per-Click, improve your Return-On-Investment, and maximize your Return-On-Ad-Spend.

PPC remains the most effective means for you to achieve incredible online results for your business. PPC provides nearly instantaneous and incredibly trackable results.

As new trends appear in your marketplace; customers change their search habits; and you introduce new products; PPC provides the flexibility to instantly develop and implement a new strategic direction to capitalize on these developments.


Exclusively available through infusion e-business, ie-click is our proprietary PPC management tool which enables us to manage an infinite number of keywords for you. With ie-click we can coordinate your paid search efforts with you actual inventory by turning keywords on-and-off  based on product availability. You don't want to pay for a click for a product that is out-of-stock. With ie-click, we maximize the major PPC factors that affect your Cost-Per-Click (CPC):

  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Keyword Bid Management
  • Ad Group and Campaign Strategy
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Quality and Appropriateness
  • Search Trends

Keyword Bid Management

When we manage your PPC program, our keyword analysis includes a review of recent search engine queries and the quantity and quality of sites competing for each keyword or phrase in addition to identifying potential keywords for your PPC campaign.

The most popular keyword is not necessarily the best keyword for your company as it may not result in the highest conversion rates. Sometimes popular keywords draw “site browsers” who view your products, but do not purchase. Less popular keywords can results in lower CPC because there are fewer bids for them, and while they drive less traffic, they produce more sales conversions.

Ad Copy

Does your PPC copy attract impulse clicks or quality clicks to your Web site? Does it tell the searcher what to do and what to expect on the landing page and from your site? All infusion e-plans include ongoing testing of ad creative to continue to optimize your search campaign.

Landing Page Quality and Appropriateness

The greatest ad copy on the Web won't convert a click to a sale if the expectations set for the searcher in the copy are not met on the landing page. How many times have you clicked on a search link only to land on a site's home page and not the page about the specific product for which you were searching? The landing page for each of your PPC ads must meet or exceed those expectations while maintaining awareness of potential effects of the search engine scores. We evaluate the appropriateness of the targeted landing pages for each and every keyword in your PPC campaign. If your site currently does not have an applicable page for an important keyword, we'll either work with your staff to develop one or create one for you.

Performance-Based Pricing Model

While many SEM companies structure their fees on set monthly retainers, we base most of our fees as rewards for our performance structured on pre-determined incremental improvements in your ROAS! Our pricing structure demonstrates our expertise and makes our services affordable to a wide range of companies. We use a simple “percentage of spend” fee model. It is our responsibility to keep your monthly PPC spend as efficient as possible to improve your Return-On-Ad-Spend.
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