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SEO ServicesNatural or organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides consistent brand exposure and sustained market share growth. Industry studies cite that 80 percent of search engine clicks are the results of organic results. SEO is a key component in building and maintaining brand awareness. Plus, you don't pay for each click to your Web site.

However, unlike PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns require patience and perseverance as moving up in the search rankings takes time waiting for the search engines to crawl through your site. In addition, PPC advertisers that show in both organic and paid search results consistently are given higher consideration by the search engines than advertisers only bidding on PPC with no organic presence. For these reasons, infusion e-plans include both comprehensive PPC and SEO strategies to optimize your SEM initiatives.

We use competitive intelligence tools to determine both the most common and under-utilized keywords within your market and develop a custom SEO program.

  • Optimal Keyword Placement and Research
  • Maximized Search Engine Visibility
  • Search Engine-Targeted Copy
  • Comprehensive Link Building
  • Social Marketing Strategies
  • Implement ― Track ― Refine ― Results

Optimal Keyword Placement and Research

When we manage your SEO program, our keyword analysis includes a review of recent search engine queries and the quantity and quality of sites competing for each keyword or phrase in addition to identifying potential keywords for your SEO campaign.
The most popular keyword is not necessarily the best keyword for your company as it may not result in the highest conversion rates. Sometimes popular keywords draw “site browsers” who view your products, but do not purchase. By optimizing less popular keywords we can attain higher organic rankings as there is less competition and although they may drive less traffic, they convert visitors.

Maximized Search Engine Visibility & Search Engine-Targeted Copy

After developing your initial keyword roster, we focus on enhancing the relevancy of your site's content which is a major factor used by search engines in positioning your Web pages in their results. Improved content also better meets the expectations of the searchers who reach your site through a search engine and can improve conversion rates and increase Web-based sales.

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